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Our email templates have been designed and tested to fucntion in all famous email service (including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook), meaning your contacts see your email message precisely as you mean it to be seen.

Transactional Email Services to Send Thousands of Emails

Ever stopped to think about what happens to your email message after you press "Send"? If you're sending personal emails through an email app, your emails likely get routed through Gmail or another email service's Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service to your email recipient's email service's SMTP service. Even if you email hundreds of people with an email newsletter app, you click send and the messages quietly get delivered. It just works, and so most of us ignore it.

Transactional email: Services to send bulk email messages via an API or SMTP server

Maybe you need to send 7 emails a minute, or 7 million a month. Either way, the email service will be ready for your load, with little to no work on your end.

Leveraging email deliverability tools seems like an unnecessary upfront cost and waste of time (especially if you are small or just growing your lists), but ironically this is when you need these services the most," explains entrepreneur

Email services give you the ability to customize your email flow, keep people coming back, and more, without having to code detailed email analytics on your own.

The difference is in the small things: the libraries and integrations that make them easier to use with your app, stats and dashboards that help you hone your emails, and more.