Existing Templates

You can import or copy paste your existing email template (with images) into Mailflier in a few clicks.


Mailflier lets you get a jump on your new campaign by starting with an existing template and then filling in your content. You can choose from the many templates and themes that come with mailflier, or you can go online and search for a specific template that matches your needs. You can also reuse any of the templates that you have previously created.

A template is a generic presentation designed to be used again and again. Templates help you crank out presentations quickly, because all the design work has been done for you. All you have to do is add your content: the text, charts, graphics, and other elements that convey your particular message.

Mailflier keeps track of the templates you apply to your campaign and displays the last few in a list. So if you tend to use the same two or three templates to create all your campaign, chances are you'll find this option the easiest.

Automatically installed a handful of professionally designed templates, including templates that let you set up corporate-style mail campaign

Each time you create your own template or download a template from Web site. Mailflier automatically stores the template in a special directory on your computer

Although lots of Web sites offer templates for download, you should check Online Web site first. The quantity and quality of the templates you find on its site can vary widely.