Forward to a Friend link

how viral your email campaign really is with complete details of who forwarded your email to a friend and when.

"Send to a Friend" link in your campaigns

“Send to a Friend” is a personalized link that you can insert into any campaign or automation email and is used to encourage subscribers to share your content with colleagues via email. When a contact clicks the send to a friend link, they are taken to page where they can enter the email addresses and names of up to 10 “friends.” Once they complete the required information on the form and click “Forward,” the shareable web version of your email will be sent and we will track that forward action in your campaign reports.

Using the send to “Send to a Friend” link will help you see how “shareable” your content is by tracking not only how many contacts forwarded your content, but how many times it was forwarded. If this personalized link is not used, and if a contact decides to use their native “Forward” button in their email application instead, then: We are not able to track the forward action. Any unsubscribes made by “friends” will be associated with the original contact. Email design may not render correctly for “friends”.

Inserting the “Send to a Friend” link into your email only takes a few moments and is the same as inserting any other personalization tag into your communication.

When a contact clicks the share link in your email, they are taken to a page

When a “Friend” receives a forwarded campaign, they will see a message in their inbox.

Forwards are tracked for each campaign and automation email that uses both the “Send to a Friend” link and has link tracking enabled on the Reports page in your account.