Upload contants

Also, using the WYSIWYG editor, you can upload your existing email template design from your computer or import it from a online web page.

Import custom coded emails from the web

To import an email that is already uploaded to the web: Create a new campaign, journey or transactional email, then follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the "Choose a starting point" screen.Select Import from the web. Enter the URL of the HTML file for your email below "Import from the web". In most cases you'll want to select the option to move your CSS inline. This prevents styles being stripped out by some email clients. Click Import to import the custom coded email.

If no issues are found in the code, for both campaigns and journey emails you'll see a notification that the campaign has been successfully imported. Imports for smart transactional emails skip this stage, and return to the "Create Smart Email" page.Use the Preview it and send a test email links, pictured above, to preview the email and send yourself a test to make sure everything looks as expected.

The next step is to format the plain text version of your imported email. When you are creating a campaign or journey email, the plain text version is loaded after you confirm you are happy with the import preview. For smart transactional emails, the "Create Smart Email" page is loaded after you import your HTML. To edit the plain text version, click edit text version in the "Content" section to be taken to the plain text email editor.

When you see the plain text email editor, click import it from your HTML to bring in text from your HTML version.

By default, uploaded content is not publicly visible. You can check how your item will appear to viewers by clicking Preview at the top of the item editor. If you're ready to make the item visible publicly, select one or more of the publishing options in the panel on the right hand side of the item editor.

When you have finished describing your item, click Save. You can make further changes after you have saved the details. Click Save again to update the item and make any changes publicly visible for a published item, or Discard changes to undo any edits you have made.