RSS Feed to Your Email

Mailflier creates an RSS archive of emails you send automatically, making it easy for you to display the archive on your website or anywhere that supports RSS.

Forward Email To RSS

Each time you send a campaign, we create a browser-based copy of it that you can share around the web. For each audience in your account, we compile links to the campaigns sent to that audience and display them on your email campaign archive page.

Your email campaign archive is a free, shareable landing page that displays links to your audience's 20 most recent campaigns.

Hare the URL for a sent campaign or automation email, so people can view your content in their web browser. Here's how you do this for different campaign types: Regular, RSS, and Plain-Text Email Campaigns Automation Emails A/B Testing or Multivariate Email Campaigns

RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers. You'll find RSS feeds in almost every app imaginable.

Mailflier triggers (like "New Item in Feed") and Actions (like "Create Item in Feed") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app.

Emails to RSS is a free service that allows you to make your inbox more cleanly by redirecting not important mails