Subscription Details

Each contact on your list can modify the details of their subscription, such as email address, first name, preferences and more

Change Audience Name and Defaults

Many settings for each of your audiences can be changed or edited, including audience name, opt-in settings, campaign defaults, subscription settings, and subscribe/unsubscribe notifications.

View contacts enable you to see your audience name and default

you've included the name of your audience on your signup form, it will not automatically update when you change the audience name.

Each audience has an associated signup form, which you can share to grow your contacts. On the Audience name and defaults page, you can choose to enable double-opt-in

The content you enter here will appear automatically in the Campaign Builder each time you create a new campaign to send to this audience. Defaults help maintain consistency among the email campaigns sent to a specific audience, but you can change that information for a single campaign in the Campaign Builder at any time.

Forms use a signup method, like single opt-in or double opt-in, that determines what steps are taken before someone is added to your audience as a subscribed contact. Your audience is single opt-in by default. This means that when someone fills out your form, they’ll be added to your audience right away.